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Friday, June 12, 2009

Dawn of The Dead (2004)-400MB





A nurse named Ana and her husband Louis have a romantic night together as an emergency broadcast comes on the TV, warning of an unknown plague that revives the recently-dead as cannibalistic zombies in search of living flesh. Next morning, Louis is attacked & killed by a young girl zombie - their next-door neighbor. Minutes after he dies, Louis is on his feet and pursuing Ana. She escapes to her car to see her neighborhood in chaos; emergency vehicles everywhere, flaming buildings - and zombies pursuing the few remaining living people. After a narrow escape a policeman, Kenneth, rescues her and they meet up with three others, who head to a closed shopping mall in search of safety. One at a time, some of those they seek refuge with die and return as zombies, and former friends now become deadly enemies. They finally figure out a way to escape by armoring two mall shuttle buses to get through the masses of living dead zombies....Will they succeed?


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